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ATG-A-307 - 'I wish I'd studied more in school' by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-307 - 'I wish I'd studied more in school' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 2 0 ATG-A-306 - 'You sure don't look okay' by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-306 - 'You sure don't look okay' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 2 0 ATG-A-304 - 'Very well done' by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-304 - 'Very well done' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 7 1 ATG-A-303 - A final fantasy by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-303 - A final fantasy :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 3 0 ATG-A-302 - Kitchen time by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-302 - Kitchen time :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 3 1 ATG-A-300 - The scribe by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-300 - The scribe :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 2 2 ATG-A-299 - Nemo Equestria impune lacessit by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-299 - Nemo Equestria impune lacessit :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 4 0 ATG-A-298 - The Legend of Maregli by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-298 - The Legend of Maregli :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 1 0 ATG-A-297 - 'You shall not pass!' by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-297 - 'You shall not pass!' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 4 0 ATG-A-295 - Low level pass by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-295 - Low level pass :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 1 0 ATG-A-294 - by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-294 - :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 3 0 ATG-A-293 - Only 43 more trees to go by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-293 - Only 43 more trees to go :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 3 2 ATG-A-292 - Of course I'm awesome... by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-292 - Of course I'm awesome... :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 4 0 ATG-A-291 - Twilycom loading update... by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-291 - Twilycom loading update... :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 0 0 ATG-A-290 - Dear Babs Seed, Wish you were here by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-290 - Dear Babs Seed, Wish you were here :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 2 0 ATG-A-286 - 'Uh-oh...' by Lemon-Bitter-Twist ATG-A-286 - 'Uh-oh...' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 0 0


(Speed Paint) Sunset Shimmer Day by luminaura (Speed Paint) Sunset Shimmer Day :iconluminaura:luminaura 1,375 44 Purple blossom by Kousagi-Hime Purple blossom :iconkousagi-hime:Kousagi-Hime 40 16 Take this raccoon by sherwoodwhisper Take this raccoon :iconsherwoodwhisper:sherwoodwhisper 214 25 Rarijack-Daily 9.11.14: Horn by WhiteDiamondsLtd Rarijack-Daily 9.11.14: Horn :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 710 43 Rarijack-Daily 9.15.14: Evening at a Coffee Shop by WhiteDiamondsLtd Rarijack-Daily 9.15.14: Evening at a Coffee Shop :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 561 24 Working at Starbucks by WhiteDiamondsLtd Working at Starbucks :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 856 260



ATG-A-307 - 'I wish I'd studied more in school'
Brief:  A Construction Pony / Pony Blueprints.   Breezy Branches uses a free moment to have a closer look at the plans his foreman always refers to when finding fault with his work.  He's often wondered what relevance his name has to his cutie mark.  After all, Grumpy Moans fits his foreman like a glove, but Breezy doesn't like trees or forests.  It's weird.
ATG-A-306 - 'You sure don't look okay'
Brief:  A Pony Flying a Kite / A Pony Kiting.  The lengths we go to to prove to our friends that we share their interests.  Trixie, jealous of Starlight Glimmer's new friendship with Maud, tries to prove that she loves kiting too.  What a shame that she doesn't actually have a good head for heights - or an understanding of how kiting works...               
ATG-A-304 - 'Very well done'
Brief:  A Pony Mentor / A Pony Student.  It is very well done to levitate and turn the page at the same time.  Managed to cover both halves of this brief with a Filly Twilight image               .
ATG-A-303 - A final fantasy
Brief:  A Video Game Pony / A Tactical Pony.  A ponification of Diakeen, my Miqo'te Bard from Final Fantasy XIV.  Slightly simplified due to practical reasons - time and patience (sadly).              
  Diakeen by Lemon-Bitter-Twist 
ATG-A-302 - Kitchen time
Brief:  A Pony Chef / A Pony Cooking.  Preparing a nice stew for when friends call round later...
It's occurred to me as I bimble around looking at other people's work that I keep forgetting to acknowledge my sources.  So I'll do it here and hope that is okay.

Most of my artwork up to now has obviously been inspired by 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'.  This new generation of ponies was created by Lauren Faust and the rights belong to Hasbro, who keep producing awesome shows (and long may they continue to do so).  I was inspired to take up my stylus thanks to the merry staff at Equestria Daily ( ) who ran a Training Ground at the end of 2015 with daily challenges.  Phew, that was hard work. Since then I have been following the weekly challenges provided by the ATG Alumni group ( ).

So a big thank you to all who have drawn me back to the art world, and especially to the creators and artists involved in the production of MLP for devising a show that draws in all sorts of people as fans.


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Alasdair Forbes
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I used to draw and paint when I left school in the late 70s, then turned to digital art (aren't layers and "undo" handy?) when Equestria Daily ran a series of "artist training ground" challenges... and carried on dabbling...


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