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ATG-A-300 - The scribe :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 2 1 ATG-A-299 - Nemo Equestria impune lacessit :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 4 0 ATG-A-298 - The Legend of Maregli :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 1 0 ATG-A-297 - 'You shall not pass!' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 4 0 ATG-A-295 - Low level pass :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 1 0 ATG-A-294 - :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 3 0 ATG-A-293 - Only 43 more trees to go :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 3 2 ATG-A-292 - Of course I'm awesome... :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 4 0 ATG-A-291 - Twilycom loading update... :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 0 0 ATG-A-290 - Dear Babs Seed, Wish you were here :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 2 0 ATG-A-286 - 'Uh-oh...' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 0 0 ATG-A-285 - 'The minute you trotted in the joint' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 0 0 ATG-A-284 - 'What is going on?' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 8 1 ATG-A-283 - An' what do y'all think ye're doin'? :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 19 4 ATG-A-282 - 'I'm still not used to it...' :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 3 0 ATG-A-281 - The calm before the storm :iconlemon-bitter-twist:Lemon-Bitter-Twist 3 0


(Speed Paint) Sunset Shimmer Day :iconluminaura:luminaura 1,319 43 Purple blossom :iconkousagi-hime:Kousagi-Hime 41 16 Take this raccoon :iconsherwoodwhisper:sherwoodwhisper 205 25 Rarijack-Daily 9.11.14: Horn :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 711 43 Rarijack-Daily 9.15.14: Evening at a Coffee Shop :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 556 24 Working at Starbucks :iconwhitediamondsltd:WhiteDiamondsLtd 848 260



ATG-A-300 - The scribe
Brief:  Pony Poetry / A Pony Reciting.  They also serve who only sit and take down the words of the poetically inspired.                
ATG-A-299 - Nemo Equestria impune lacessit
Brief:  Pony Magic / A Post Casting.  'No one attacks Equestria with impunity' - the motto of the Royal Canterlot Guards, translated from ancient unicornian, and a statement of intent from those defending their homes, loved ones and neighbours (often the same thing)
ATG-A-298 - The Legend of Maregli
Brief:   A Wild Pony / A Pony in the Wild

"In the savage and free-spirited Everfree, they say a pony is unwelcome, but I've heard tales that speak of a pony who is one with the forest. A young filly, the legends go, whose parents walked through the Everfree as a shortcut, only to lose their way, and their foal. That young filly was found by Timberwolves, but rather than being devoured, she was accepted as one of their own and raised as a Cub in the pack. To this day, they say on calm nights, amidst the howls of Timberwolves, you can hear a pony's voice rise along with their chorus..." ...and so Maregli was finally allowed to participate in The Howling.
ATG-A-297 - 'You shall not pass!'
Brief:  A Pony Spirit / A Spirited Pony.  Managed to fit both versions of the brief in this time as the Spirit of King Sombra faces off against Spirited Prince Shining Armour.
ATG-A-295 - Low level pass
Brief:  A Pony at a Pond / Feeding the Ducks.  Luckily there was no one relaxing at the pond, or they would have had a rude awakening.
It's occurred to me as I bimble around looking at other people's work that I keep forgetting to acknowledge my sources.  So I'll do it here and hope that is okay.

Most of my artwork up to now has obviously been inspired by 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'.  This new generation of ponies was created by Lauren Faust and the rights belong to Hasbro, who keep producing awesome shows (and long may they continue to do so).  I was inspired to take up my stylus thanks to the merry staff at Equestria Daily ( ) who ran a Training Ground at the end of 2015 with daily challenges.  Phew, that was hard work. Since then I have been following the weekly challenges provided by the ATG Alumni group ( ).

So a big thank you to all who have drawn me back to the art world, and especially to the creators and artists involved in the production of MLP for devising a show that draws in all sorts of people as fans.


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Alasdair Forbes
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United Kingdom
I used to draw and paint when I left school in the late 70s, then turned to digital art (aren't layers and "undo" handy?) when Equestria Daily ran a series of "artist training ground" challenges... and carried on dabbling...


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